February 28, 2017

So many beautiful gifts!!

Ahoy again from the land of film finishing! As you may already know, I'm in the final stages of finishing my first feature documentary film. Very exciting times and I'm getting so stoked for the film's release!! In an effort to raise the funds necessary to finish and release the film, I'm running an Indiegogo campaign. Because I only have 8 days left and I'm still very far from my goal, several lovely companies have offered beautiful giveaway gift packages for anyone who contributes $5 or more to the film. The list of prizes is below and here's how it works: at the end of my Indiegogo campaign in 8 days, I will put all the names of all the lovely contributors in a hat and draw 9 lucky winners. Based on the order they are chosen, each winner will have the chance to pick the prize of choice. For example, if your name is drawn first, you get first choice at one of the lovely prizes below, and so on until all the prizes have been claimed. So far, there are 40 eligible contributors to the campaign and 9 prizes, meaning currently, there's basically a 1 in 4 chance of winning something. As an added bonus, my amazing film distributor at KinoSmith and Blue Ice Docs is going to match all contributions made to the campaign, dollar-for-dollar, (up to the 20k goal) in an effort to get this film to the finish line and out into the world!

To be eligible for the draw, simply make a contribution of $5 or more here: igg.me/at/modifiedthefilm/

Here are all the prizes that will be up for grabs!

A stunning 5 1/2 qt. Dutch Oven in the color of your choice (valued at over $300) from Le Creuset (ships to US only):

Winner: Abby S, congrats!

A lovely caramel and flower seeds gift package from Fat Toad Farm (ships to US only):

Winner: Carrie B, congrats!

A scrumptious gift package of certified organic chocolates including chocolate bars and baking chocolate as well as an all-chocolate cookbook from Theo Chocolates (valued approx. $75, ships to both US and Canada):

Winner: Rose M, congrats!

A gift package of an assortment of over 50 certified organic seed packets for your garden, everything from vegetables to flowers and herbs (valued at over $300 per gift package) from High Mowing Seeds - there will be 5 of these prizes offered to 5 lucky winners (ships to both Canada and the US)

Winners: Sarah S, Wilf G, Rebecca L, Andree L, Av S, congrats!!

A gorgeous certified organic cereal gift package from Nature's Path (valued at over $100, ships to both US and Canada):

Winner: Kay R, congrats!

An eco-friendly gift package of Beeswraps' amazing no-plastic eco food wraps (valued at approx $50, ships to US only):

Winner: Cindy D, congrats!

Bonne chance everyone and thank you so much for your kind support of my film!!!


  1. So who won?!? :)

    1. Hi Jenette, sorry for the delay responding, thanks for asking! The post has been updated with all the winner names, it was an exciting giveaway! :)

  2. I want to be a part of this campaign as it looks very cool to me and also want to win the exiting prizes.

  3. you used a mixing device I have never seen for the cornbread episode 5 11/2014.
    where can i buy such a thing? Looked like a round wire with a curl in the middle?
    thanks, Patsy cawley pcawley@uci.edu

    1. Hi Patsy, sorry for the delay, it's a dough whisk, it's wonderful for heavy batters, I love it! Available here: http://breadtopia.com/store/danish-dough-whisk/

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