October 30, 2014

Homemade Pumpkin Sage Fettuccine

Call me naive but I did not understand the full extent of the pumpkin spice invasion. Until a recent trip to the city and Trader Joe's brought me face to face with an avalange of pumpkin flavoured items: pumpkin waffles, pumpkin corn chips, pumpkin beer, pumpkin iced tea, pumpkin cheese. I'm all about seasonal eating but the pumpkin thing does seem to get taken to a whole other level.

So I feel that this post needs to come with an apology for contributing to the pumpkin madness.

It seems you either jump on the pumpkin wagon or you curse it. I'm somewhere between the two, though after the mildly traumatic Trader Joe's experience and the above pumpkin horror spoof, I think I'll steer clear of pumpkin anything for a while. (Except for these healthy pumpkin caramels, which I am completely addicted to). Besides, pumpkin is wonderful, but isn't it somewhat overrated? I find most pumpkin recipes out there to be much tastier, moist, and flavourful when some variety of winter squash is used instead, be it buttercup, delicata, butternut, or any other kind of sweet fleshed winter squash. 

And so my dear friends, with that rather half-assed introduction, I give you Pumpkin Sage Fettuccine, which is actually a deliciously comforting cold weather meal. I promise. (Though I suspect it's probably even better with squash). Happy Halloween and bon app├ętit!

Find my recipe here on PBS Food.

Find my recipe here on PBS Food.

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  1. inlove of these fettuccine. I would like to try them once at home! :)