June 23, 2015

Hakurei Turnip and Shiitake Mushrooms on Soba Noodles

If you've never experienced the bliss of crunching on a Hakurei turnip, you're missing out. What I love about Hakurei (aside from its creamy tender awesomeness) is that it's not readily available in most grocery stores even though many farmers grow them. What this means is that you have to seek it out. It's a vegetable begging to be pursued and found, ideally close to its place of origin and the hands that grew it: at farm stands, farmer's markets, or through a CSA share with a local farmer. In a world where we are spoiled enough to find pretty much anything we could dream of at one-stop grocery stores, I get a secret pleasure knowing that there are still some things that you need to get right from the farmer who grew them.

I've been making various incarnations of this Hakurei & soba noodle recipe pretty much non-stop this spring, ever since I laid hands on the first Hakurei of the season. I can't seem to get tired of it. I could eat it (and have done so) for days on end. It's tasty, light, healthy, and quick to make.

I was lucky that one of our neighbouring organic farms, Bahner Farm, had a lush bed of Hakurei and kindly harvested some so I could make this month's recipe video. I loved working on this video because a) I got to visit Bahner Farm, b) got to eat a LOT of soba noodles and Hakurei, c) got to try out my new bling bling knife from Le Creuset (it's nothing short of amazing!!), and d) I got to make my baby turnips dance to another fabulous Lullatone tune. (I always did love to play with my food). 

You can find the recipe over on PBS Food

Now, go forth my friends and eat some Hakurei!


  1. Beautiful video and recipe as always. Shameless plug: have you ever gotten soba noodles from the Noodle Guy in Port Williams? Last time I was there he was making them with local flour from Longspell Point Farms.

    1. I love the noodle guy and I love Longspell Point Farm!! I haven't had his soba noodles, but will look for them next time I'm in Wolfville, thanks Ceileigh :)

  2. Ever since I saw this video I have been on the lookout for Hakurei turnips. Finally, saw them last week at the farmer's market! Snatched them up and made this today. So delicious and easy! Thanks for the great recipe!