October 10, 2013

My Mom's Red Cabbage Slaw

You know the book Goodnight Moon? I sometimes have my own little version of the words running through my head as I walk up and down the garden at this time of the year. 

Good night tomatoes.

(It was fun while it lasted).

Good night nigellas who stood so proud. See you next year.

Good night artichokes. You were divine.

Good night red cabbage. You I will miss the most.

You gave us this.

And this.

And best of all, this. 

My mom's red cabbage slaw. A salad I've been eating since I was a little girl. It's probably one of the simplest salads I know, but also happens to pack the mightiest flavor punch I know. It's become a staple of mine. And if you try it, you'll see why. It may just become a favorite of yours too. For the recipe, please visit my post on PBS Food.

Good night you all.

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