October 02, 2013

Plum Almond 'No-Crust' Tart

It's a little late for plums I realize... but if plum season has already passed where you are, pears will do the trick just fine. In fact, this little tart is not picky in the least. It is on very friendly terms with cherries, peaches, apples, apricots, figs. Whatever you've got, it will gracefully accommodate. 

But the plums were particularly nice, as plums tend to be. 

So the deal with this tart is it's a lazy frangipane. Meaning, I skipped the crust. Frangipane is a French tart filling made with ground almonds, sugar, butter, and eggs. Usually it's baked into a tart shell with fruit nestled into the filling. But I've done away with the crust altogether because, well, some days you just don't have time to make a tart crust. So this dessert ends up somewhere at the intersection of cake and tart. It takes minutes to whip up and it's buttery and delicious. No one will even notice you took a shortcut. Glaze it with an easy amaretto glaze and you're set.

Get the recipe over here at PBS Food. Bon app├ętit!