February 12, 2014

Beet-colored Red Velvet Pancakes

I know what some of you might be thinking: beets in pancakes = gross. But don't knock it til you try it, you can actually only taste the beets in these pancakes if you reeeeeeally stretch your imagination and taste buds. They're mainly there to lend their glorious color (sorry to "use" you for a limited purpose, dear beets). And what a color it is!

To be fair, it's not only the color you get out of the beets but a little bit of their mighty nutrient punch, and perhaps even love-inducing magic.

Here's what I found out while researching this post: beets are rich in boron, a mineral that increases the sex hormones in both men and women, perhaps shedding some light on why they were used as an aphrodisiac in ancient Roman times and are referred to as nature's viagra. Who knows if there's any truth to the claim, one can only put it to the test. And what better time than Valentine's Day?

Aside from their sexy secret, beets have 50 times the antioxidant content of carrots, and they are so nutritious that many Olympic athletes are now guzzling beet juice instead of gatorade. Ok ok, I realize these humble pancakes are not the same thing as a glass of beet juice, but still, a little bit of the nutrients will shine through.

I recommend these pancakes served with maple syrup, whipped cream, and berries. (And served on a Tracy Horsman original plate, of course!) 

Here's wishing you a heart-warming Valentine's Day!
Find my recipe for these love-filled pancakes at PBS Food.


  1. I LOVE BEETS! Sweet, nutritious, and Oh that vibrant pink-red! This is well worth a try in my kitchen.

  2. OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE Beets and Pancakes are so divine. I seriously can't wait to try this! Thank you SO much for sharing this. :D
    Totally doing a happy dance now!

    1. Hahaha, I love your enthusiasm Kim! It's not everyone who can get excited about beets ;-) Glad you like these, enjoy!

  3. I love that color but hate beets. To get pancakes that color, I will have to go read the recipe. You have a lovely presentation.

  4. So sweet! Indeed for Valentine's Day this year I made a giant heart shaped ravioli di uova and used beet to "stain" the raviolo.