February 03, 2014

My 10 favorite winter things

Things have been a little quiet around here lately, I suppose I'm in blog-hibernation mode. I hope you'll forgive me. You've probably heard this from me a million times since I started this blog, but... I'm working on my thesis. I really am this time, and I plan to finish it THIS YEAR. There. I said it. Now I have to do it. 

So. I'll be doing a little less blogging than usual this winter, and also slowing down the monthly giveaways to a more occasional surprise every now and then. That way I can devote my full attention to the mountain of work ahead. So now that I'm all bunkered down with my computer and tapes and hard drives in this quiet little pocket of Nova Scotia, and winter has enveloped us in its long endless embrace, I really really (really!) do not have any excuse for not getting down to work and getting this blasted thesis done, once and for all. Though let's be honest, I'll need tiny distractions to keep me sane along the way: wintery comforts to keep me going on those days when it's frigid outside and all I want to do is throw my computer out the window and fly to a Mexican beach until spring comes. Maybe you're feeling the urge too? As we plunge into February (my most dreaded month of the year), some of my latest little winter pleasures are what I wanted to share with you today. 

1. First thing is my current snack du jour: walnuts dipped in buckwheat honey. Simple divine instant energy boost for sluggish afternoons.

2. Second on my list of recent wintery pursuits: marvelling at the ice patterns on window panes. Hours. Of. Fun. 

3Knitting! Legwarmers! From this free pattern! (And slowly working my way through my pinterest knitting board). Also, this wool is making me drool. (The knitting ideally takes place while  simultaneously watching Downton Abbey. Yes, that's my idea of a hot winter date).

4. This wintery album from Montreal-based Folly and The Hunter is perfect for sipping a hot drink by the fire.

5. The Lehman's catalogue. A homesteader's dream come true. How is it that no one ever told me about this before?

5. Sn'ice cream!!? Whaaaatt?! Ice cream made with actual snow. Pure magic from one of my favorite food bloggers.

6. Ami McKay's book, The Birth House is keeping me up til 2 in the morning these days. So good!

7. Ok this 'polar vortex' song killed me.

8. I've been coveting these moccasins which are hand-made in Labrador

9. On dreary days, there are these exquisite photos by Russian photographer Elena Shumilova to fall in love with, over and over again.

10. Telephone pictionary. I almost peed my pants laughing so hard. If you've got a group of 5 people or more at your house (the more people the better), please play this game, you won't regret it and all you need is some paper and pens. It's a perfect winter's eve game, and guaranteed it'll have you in stitches.

And finally, this might be an opportune time to announce I'm on instagram! Still a newbie and figuring out how to use it (forgive me if I'm a little filter-happy) but if you'd like to follow my daily adventures, I'm @kitchenvignettes

I'd love to hear about your own wintery delights in the comments below. What keeps you going through this season?


  1. o my - those moccasins! and the frost. beautiful Aube!

    1. thanks Pam!! can you believe those moccasins? so pretty!

  2. Cinamon, tea, fire and blankets, that's what keep me going through winter (and Christmas, but it's gone now). :) I love winter, but soon after Christmas I feel the need of spring. To me the year could be divided in three seasons: fall, winter and spring.
    Good luck with your thesis! ;)

    1. Simona, I'm the exact same way, I love winter right up until Christmas, and then I'm done. And it feels like a long endless wait til the warmer weather. I was born in the wrong country, lol. Stay warm and thank you for your note :-)