August 26, 2014

Blueberry Lime Layer Cake

My August video just had to be about blueberries because we recently took part in Coastal Mountain Land Trust's annual free blueberry pick at Beech Hill Preserve. And it was magical! Plus it was a good excuse to sneak in one of my favourite Amelia Curran songs, "Scattered and Small" (whose title I thought was quite fitting for a video featuring wild blueberries). The little blue jewels are indeed, quite scattered and small, but such a delight to seek out, pluck, and pop in one's mouth (or bucket, if you're a faithful picker).

It's so fun to see people of all ages come out to pick on Beech Hill, and when you look up, you see the ocean in the distance and dozens of colourful silhouettes scattered all around, hunched over their blueberry containers, deep in concentration. Because it takes a long time to hand-pick wild blueberries, it's a meditation of sorts. 

I hesitated whether to make a cake with our precious cargo, but we also just bought a big box of organic wild blueberries from our neighbours at Elderflower Farm, and this persistent idea for a blueberry lime layer cake had been floating around my thoughts for a while, insisting… I could tell it wasn't going to go away unless I buckled and made the cake.

Introductions are in order: this is a moist cake, fragrant from the addition of plenty of lime juice and zest. It's then cut into layers, and each one is slathered in whipped cream cheese icing and topped with blueberry gin compote. (Ok, the gin is optional, but it does give a lovely kick to the whole affair). I also recommend making extra cream cheese icing because if you're like me, you may be unable to refrain from devouring half the bowl before it even gets onto the cake. Yikes! 

All in all, this is a late summer dessert that is sure to please a crowd. You can find my recipe over here at PBS Food. Bon app├ętit!


  1. That is a feast for the eyes! Bet it tasted amazing as well.

  2. Since moving to Ontario, wild NS blueberries is one of the things I miss the most (that and the abundance of fresh local lobster!) Foraging for wild blueberries was such an integral part of my childhood. Fortunately, my local grocery store now stocks flats of frozen berries from Millen Farms which is located just outside of Truro, where I grew up! I am looking forward to trying out this cake recipe with my Millen berries (of which my freezer is constantly stocked!). LOVE your blog, BTW, esp when I see references to my home province :)

    1. Thanks Chris! Well you know what they say about Nova Scotians… can't take Nova Scotia out of the girl...You should check out the wild blueberry situation up north, I had a wonderful blueberry picking session in the woods, just a few hours north of Toronto a few years ago. Hope you enjoy the cake!

  3. This is a thing of wonder!

  4. What an amazing and original looking cake! A brilliant way to celebrate fresh blueberries.