August 13, 2014

Cucumber Dill and Yoghurt Salad

This simple salad has been one of my great summer pleasures this year. I make it all the time. 

One day I had little in the fridge other than cucumbers, yoghurt, and dill, so I threw them all together and something wonderfully fresh and tasty emerged. 

I'm since told that this salad is actually a traditional dish in Turkey, and also in Iran. It's also very similar to Greek tzaziki. You know you're onto something good when you're eating something shared across so many cultures. Basically, it boils down to this: yoghurt and cucumber are the bomb together, so just add a bit of your favourite fresh herbs and you've got yourself a cooling summer salad!

I like my version to have LOTS of crushed garlic and LOTS of dill. And in my opinion, the yoghurt has to be full-fat whole milk yoghurt, as creamy as you can get it or make it. My yoghurt of choice is the unbelievably thick Greek Yoghurt made by our friends at The Milkhouse here in Maine. 

To read more about my obsession with whole milk yoghurt and get the recipe for this salad, go to my post on PBS Food. Bon appétit!


  1. This is a winner! Everything in this salad is delicious and crushed garlic and greek yoghurt are 2 of my favorite things <3

  2. What kind of cukes are those? They look like a cross between a seedless and a slicing cucumber.

    1. Hi Jason, I'm actually not sure, I got them from Peacemeal Farm at my farmer's market, they are delicious! Here's their link:

  3. I, too, am that obsessed. Make my own all of the time and would love to have a Jersey cow in my yard. Ah, to get real milk for my yogurt and cheese making! This salad looks so good, I just want to plant my face in it!