June 16, 2016

Fresh Mint and Chocolate Ice Cream: A Special Collaboration!

I am generally a bit of a hermit blogger, tucked away in my rural corner of the east coast doing my thing. So it’s not too often that I get to meet other food bloggers. But I’m in Toronto for a few months this summer and I decided it was time to get to know some fellow bloggers whose mouth-watering blogs I follow with a big appetite. My first “blind blogging date” was with Alanna of One Tough Cookie. Meeting up reminded me a bit of online dating... Would we recognize each other? Would she like me? But put two food lovers in front of each other and there’s no shortage of things to talk about. I instantly felt a kinship with Alanna and we slipped into easy banter about food photography, and wwoofing, and Italy... and cake. We also talked about more intimate things too, like losing our moms, and how profoundly that impacts your life, in ways you sometimes don't even realize.

My next blogging date was with Sofia of From The Land We Live On and since she is a fellow gardener, I thought it would be fun to collaborate on something together and feature her making a special recipe from her garden. 

We spent a glorious day together and I’m so grateful that she graciously let me follow her around with my camera. Filming in her kitchen was a dream come true because she had just finished renovations (which she and her husband took on all on their own which makes them my heroes! see the photos here). Their renos involved installing a stunning new Lacanche stove that had me swooning and dreaming... one day, perhaps. Every angle of the kitchen was beautiful to look at. And that stove, I could sit and gaze at it all day long. I forgot to take photos of it but you can see some here on Sofia's blogyou'll also see some sweet fleeting glimpses in the video! The brass knobs. Enough said.

Taking a filming break to lick the ice cream paddle, one of life's great joys.
Photo credit: Sofia Eydelman

We got so carried away with filming that we almost forgot to eat but Sofia quickly whipped up an elegant lunch of rice pasta salad with garden pesto, peaches, and slivered almonds. She paired that with some beet crackers and the silkiest homemade hummus I've ever had, beautifully presented with za'atar and olive oil. The girl has style.

At the end of it all, we enjoyed her delicious homemade ice cream in the garden, where the whole adventure started. As you can see in the video, we had a very earnest, tiny helper. My latest heart throb. 

You know it's good when ALL the tongues are sticking out

Get Sofia's recipe and read all about what makes this ice cream so extra-special in my post on PBS Food (ok fine, I'll give you a few clues in case you don't have time: two types of chocolates! tapioca instead of egg yolks! and fresh garden mint instead of mint extract!)

Happy mid-June my friends xoxo.

Photo Credit: Sofia Eydelman


  1. This looks delicious! Beautiful post! Oh, and yes-the stove-gorgeous! The puppy is adorable too! Will definitely be making this ice cream-soon! Mary

  2. This is such a lovely post :) Thank you so much for all the kind words! Getting to know you and working on the video together was a blast! <3

    1. It was such a blast indeed!! Hope we can do it again :) In the meantime, I'm keeping a steady supply of that ice cream in my freezer all summer long. Thank you again for your beautiful recipe and for starring in the video!!

  3. Absolutely brilliant! What a lovely collaboration. I would give my eye teeth (do I still have those?) just to have been in the kitchen watching it all - or to be watching you create one of your videos, Aube. It is clear the two of you had a marvelous time and when like-minded people get together, magic happens. I am still sad that I was actually where you live for a half day on our Slow Food tour a couple of years ago when you were away!
    Hugs and love to both of you.
    Inspirational, motivational and simply heartwarming.

    1. Thank you Valerie, so glad you enjoyed and I hope to catch you on your next visit to the East Coast!! xox

  4. Such a lovely recipe, and a pleasure to see what magic the two of you came up with together! Thank you for the kind words, Aube -- it was wonderful to finally meet you! Let's have a pie-baking session when the heat breaks! xo

    1. Yes let's do that!! I hope the book launch was fun the other day!

  5. Loved your mint ice cream recipe. It was so good.

    Would you tell me the name of your stove? Looks like it is a professional oven.

  6. Thanks! It's Lacanche, the link is in the blogpost :)

  7. I got it out of the garden and immediately used it. I boiled the mint with the cream AND milk and then strained the mint out before mixing in the egg and sugar to make the custard.