July 07, 2016

I'm about to give birth...

Not to a baby. To a film. (I made you look though right?)

There might be a few similarities: there's a lot of nurturing and care going on, a bit of anxiety, trepidation, ups and downs, exhaustion... It's painful, it's scary, it's a heck of a lot of work, but it's so exciting. By my best estimate, I'd say I'm in early labour right about now, things are starting to happen, the film is taking shape!

I've been working on this film for nine years and part of the reason it's taken me so long is that I've funded and produced it entirely on my own up until now. Crazy? Yup, quite probably. But it's been an all-out labour of love at every step. It's a film I'm dedicating to my mom, and to everyone who believes we have a right to know what's in the food we eat, that we need an agriculture that doesn't harm our planet, and that food tastes better when you know the story behind it.

After years of researching, shooting, travelling, interviewing, shooting some more, little by little, I've finally reached the final stage where a lot technical stuff now needs to happen (picture editing, sound editing, color correction, music composing, animations, final mix, subtitles, etc, etc). The expenses are far beyond anything I can afford on my own and that's why I'm asking for a bit of help to put this film into the world. Please watch my introduction to the campaign and film trailer below, and visit my Indiegogo campaign page to get the full story behind the film.

If you can, please consider making a contribution (no contribution is too small, every dollar gets me closer to completing the film). Another way to help me out is to spread the word by sharing my Indiegogo page with friends and family through email and social media. This is the short link to share: https://igg.me/at/modified

Keep in mind that for any contribution $25 and over, you'll receive a digital link to view the film online when it is complete.

Thank you so much for your support and I can't wait to show you my film!

With my most heartfelt gratitude,


  1. Congratulations Aube! Your Mom's spirit shines within you! I know she is proud of you and the beautiful work that you are doing. Sincerely, Mary

  2. What a gift to mother nature. Congradulations! Great work!

  3. Aube, the Indigogo shows Canadian $s. Can I donate from America? Guess I just need to calculate the exchange rate. Any thoughts?

    I found you while bingeing on food porn TV one night via PBS. Your videos are so beautiful they make me weep. Truly! I just sit and cry with delight.

    1. Oh what a lovely note, I'm so glad you enjoy the recipe videos! Thank you so much for your inquiry about contributing to my film fund, I would be so grateful! Yes, you can definitely donate from the US, you can choose the amount you want to give in American dollar, and use www.xe.com to calculate what it translates into for Canadian. I hope this helps! Thank you so much :-)

  4. Yep! It was a piece of cake ;)

    I can't WAIT to see the film!

    When it's ready, please let me help you get it to Austin, Texas! Maybe in the SXSW film festival. We love food and hate GMOs here in our little slice of not-so-crazy-as-the-rest-of-Texas ;)

    1. Aw thank you so so much for your generous contribution! I'm very grateful!! And yes, I would LOVE to bring it to Texas, I'll keep you posted! Will definitely be sending it to all the festivals :)