August 10, 2016

2 days left!

I know things have been a little quiet over here lately, especially on the recipe front. The truth is, there's not much cooking going on in my kitchen these days. Yesterday, I ate a tub of coffee ice cream for dinner while scrambling to finish last-minute notes for my film editor. The day before, it was a cucumber and a bag of tortilla chips, while sitting in my underwear (it's very, very hot in Toronto). Let's just say, things have not been too glamorous or wholesome around here as of late. Between the heat, and my superhuman attempt to complete my documentary, things have been downright crazy. Like pulling all-nighters and eating whole tubs of ice cream for dinner crazy. And not being able to maintain coherent conversations with other human beings crazy. (Though I did miraculously manage to (sort of) pull off this 45-minute radio interview about GMOs with the one and only Zane Caplansky). But I'm just going with it. Whatever needs to happen to get this thing done. The exciting thing that is keeping me going right now is... it actually IS getting done!! The end is in sight!!! Hallelujah.

Thank you so much to everyone who has so generously encouraged me on this endeavour and contributed to Indiegogo film finishing fund. If you'd still like to make a contribution, there's still time and I would be so so so grateful!! I only have 2 days left to my crowdfunding campaign and I'm at 70% of my minimum goal so far. So I'm hoping for a miraculous final push in these last 48 hours. This is where you go to do the deed:

And if you haven't seen my trailer yet, here it is! Thank you my friends, and I'll be back with recipes soon...


  1. Congratulations! Know that your Mom is proud of you and the beautiful work you do with her in your heart and soul! Sincerely, Mary

  2. That was a great podcast!

    Many of us in the USA were hugely disappointed with the progress of our GMO labeling efforts. We were so thrilled when it passed in Vermont and so sad when it went to the federal government. Ugh. We'll keep trying!

    Can't wait for the movie!

    1. Thank you so much Mamaholt! More updates on the film coming soon! :-)

  3. We still have awhile to go in terms of GMO labeling. Hope for a better future in that.

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