August 04, 2011

Les aubergines...

Holy smokes! It’s been so exciting to get so much encouragement and nice feedback about this blog, I’ve been itching to get another post out. I’ll have another video for you all this weekend (gooseberry cobbler!)… but in the meantime, I just had to show you these marvelous little jewels of an eggplant I found at Riverdale Farmer’s Market

I’ve gone a little eggplant mad since I was taking photos for the blog banner earlier this week. I went on an eggplant shopping spree and hunted down every shape, size, and colour I could find. In the end, just the round little baby ones from Chinatown made the cut. But the day after I put the banner up, I found these, even CUTER ones!

They’re called Fairytale Eggplants. I think the name suits them quite well. So now I have a whole pile of beautiful eggplants. I need to gaze at them for a few more days before I make anything with them…  but I promise to be back with an eggplant recipe before too long.

Meanwhile, our very own garden jewel is getting bigger everyday in the backyard! With a bunch of plants all in flowers. (Thanks to my wonderful roommate Julie who was on top of the garden this spring!)

Fingers crossed, we’ll have a nice harvest in a few weeks time.


  1. That curled twin eggplants look the best! Like you, I'm eggplant-mad and even tried baking cupcakes with them once (NOT a hit, sadly). And really, is your name really Aubergine? That is just so cute and unique!

  2. Oh my god, eggplent cupcakes!? You're my hero. Seriously, you really are, because mango and nutella are 2 of my favorite things in the world. Your mango donuts with nutella filling look absolutely divine. My name is not really Aubergine, it's Aube, but Aubergine is an old nickname that stuck over the years :-) As for your previous question, yes I do make videos for a living, I'll up a profile page shortly, I'm still figuring out how this whole blogging thing works and page layouts etc, slowly getting things up and going... Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm a big fan of your blog!

  3. Hi Aube!
    I'm eager to see what eggplant recipes you might be able to share. We have a few little mini eggplants growing in our garden. We were given a bunch of seedlings from a friend, and there are at least four different eggplant varieties. But we won't know what we've got till they emerge. I look forward to whatever you post!
    Sacha in Ann Arbor

  4. Beautiful, Auberge. Looking forward to recipes, too!

  5. Allo Aube! Quel charmant blogue!
    I hope you also include some kitchen disasters--haha! that WOULD be the first thing I think of! --I just had it in mind because I recently had an eggplant disaster...which I took to a potluck, oh dear, how embarrassing :( esp. since I'd made the recipe before & it was ex-quisite.
    (My fault, skimping on the olive oil & not baking long enough...)
    Anyway, lovely to see your video, lovely to celebrate food, & can't wait to see more.

  6. Aube your photos are divine!


  7. Absolutely breath-taking work, Aube - the best thing I've seen in ages - you've really outdone yourself and set the bar very high for the rest of us!!!!!!! Wow!!! .... proud of you!


    Unka P

  8. Mmm, eggplant recipe. I've been told by NS farmers that eggplant season is nearing completion so i've been stocking up. I found the nicest eggplant in the world on Saturday at the market, which someone says is Japanese but the woman who sold it to me didn't remember what type it was. It is medium reddish-purple and has a really silky sheen and feels like silk when you touch it too. Very beautiful. I tried to take pictures but i suck at pictures. Do you know what type i'm talking about?

  9. Ooh... not sure which one you mean but would love to see a photo of it! I love discovering new eggplant varieties, there's so many... a silky skinned reddish-purple one sounds heavenly, what will you make with it? You're reminding me that I never followed-up on this post with an eggplant recipe, I need to get on that. I'll probably share my friend's mom's pickled Italian eggplant in olive oil recipe. (I have about 10 plump dark beauties just about ready to harvest in my garden right now!!)
    Have you seen this recipe? (one of my favorite blogs!) I think it might be up your alley... I've been wanting to make it but haven't had the chance yet.