August 30, 2011

Potato, Beet & Bean Salad

There are few things that bring more joy to my life than a mountain of straight-off-the-farm veggies. The freshness and the fragrance, the variety of shapes and colours and textures, the direct connection to the changing seasons and the soil and the people who work it. But ultimately it's about the ripe possibility of all the potential flavour combinations and dishes that might come about from a bit of slicing and simmering and mixing....  (It also brings me a ridiculous amount of satisfaction to know that these goodies have been plucked off a plant or pulled out of the soil, and have all landed from a nearby farm to my kitchen without one single piece of plastic packaging.)

Looking at my gigantic pile of yummies from Saturday's market (which you can see in the video) I realize I may have overdone it a little. This week will be a bit of a race to conjure up ways to use up all this deliciousness before it gets sad and wilty. I started off with a potato, beet, and bean salad because, well the freshly-dug baby potatoes were acting all coy and cute and generally being their irresistible baby potato selves. And the golden and chioggia beets are simply drop-dead gorgeous and they know it, sitting there all smug and confident in the knowledge that upon slicing into them you just may fall to the floor in awe of their bright pink and orange flesh. And the purple beans with their aura of mystery and magic, they knew they were first up on the list too...  Of course all the other veggies have their charms (don't even get me started about the romanesco, that one deserves a post of its very own, possibly two)...  I hope to share with you some of the various ways I'll be racing to use up this mountain of goodness in the next few days... I'm toying with the idea of a savory swiss chard bread pudding, a leek chevre tatin, and something worthy of that romanesco, but I'm still pondering that one. 

Before we go to potato salad, do you remember a few posts ago, I told you about my mami's birthday cake from Patisserie Rhubarbe in Montreal?  The gateau choco-citron? Well it turns out one of my favorite food bloggers recreated the cake in her own kitchen, all the way in Brunei! How cool is that? The food blogging community is so awesome!!

Potato, Beet & Bean Salad from Kitchen Vignettes on Vimeo.

Potato, beet & bean salad

     1 to 2 pounds baby potatoes
     1/2 pound fresh beans
     4 beets (golden or chioggia) 
     2 to 3 green onions
     1 bunch of fresh dill

     Honey Dijon Dressing:
     1 tbsp whole grain dijon
     1 tbsp honey
     2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
     1/2 cup olive oil
     1 tsp crushed garlic
     Salt & Pepper to taste

Steam the veggies. Chop into chunks. Chop onions & dill finely. 
Shake up a good dressing, pour and mix all together. 


  1. Oooh, what a sexy video of beautiful veggies. Keep making these films forever!


  2. What I wouldn't do for beets and beans that pretty! I'd say you really went to 'town' or rather, market with your fresh goodies. Like you, I get goosebumps everytime I see fresh-from-the-ground produce like that and will haul a truckful home. LOL. Love your music choice, as always, and that wooden chopping board is something that I've been wanting for a while! Oh, oh let me not forget the salad, it looks delicious...especially with the dill and that dressing.

  3. Love this salad and your blog! Your recipes and videos are so inspiring that I have decided to introduce one of your amazing recipes in my daily cooking! Thanks for this!


  4. Yowza! Those are some sexy beets! Love the burlesque feel. This has got to be my favourite video of yours to date (if that's even possible; I adore them all!).