December 02, 2014

25 Holiday Gifts for the Farm-to-Table Foodie

These gifts stand out to me because they are at least one, if not all of the following: a) super useful to have in your kitchen b) exceedingly delicious c) made by artisans or small businesses, d) ecologically-minded to make your kitchen a greener place, or e) just very very nifty! Of course, the best gifts for the food lover are often homemade. And there are many great sources of DIY edible gift inspirations out there, from this one to this one. I have a couple ideas coming your way soon too. But for now, this is my list of gifts that have been DIY-ed by someone else. Enjoy!


1. Hand-printed organic cloth napkins 
I am totally in love with the gorgeous hand-printed organic cotton napkins made by the cool cats at Oh Little Rabbit. (Check out their adorable printed baby onesies too!)

2. Organic cotton hand-printed tea towels
While we're on the topic of table linens, you have to check out Madder Root's beautiful tea towels and re-usable produce bags.

3. Beeswraps
These make the best stocking stuffers ever! Beeswraps are an all-natural alternative to plastic wrap made with organic cotton dipped in beeswax. You can wrap food in them, keeping things fresh and sealed. Simply wash, dry, and re-use again.

4. The Taproot Magazine calendar
Taproot calendars are always delightful! (A subscription to the magazine makes a pretty fabulous gift too).

5. Cloud-shaped Cookie Cutter
Yes, these are for reals (and hand-crafted). For the dreamer and cookie baker you love.

6. Ten Thousand Villages Fair-Trade Foodie Gifts
When you give a Ten Thousand Villages gift, you know your money is going directly to small-scale producers and cooperatives in developing countries. Check out their foodie gifts like organic fair-trade spices, coffee, chocolate, dried fruit, olive oil, and so much more…

7. Teak Ice Cream Scoop
I have one (sometimes I kiss it)

8. Organic Spice Blends
These spice blends are so delicious! You'll want to sprinkle them on everything.

9. Fat Toad Farm Goat's Milk Caramel Sauces
You will never ever eat a more delicious thing. Give a jar to your best friend and then invite yourself over.

10. Magical Seed Print from The Greenhorns
The first time I saw this print on my farming mentor's wall, I immediately went on an online hunt to track it down and buy a copy for my seed nerd sweetheart.

11. Organic TAZA Chocolate Sampler Gift Set
For the chocolate addict. We all know one of those.

12. A whole library of Theo chocolate bars
It doesn't really get any better than this does it?

13. Cooking With Flowers
For the flower gardener. This book is pure magic. Pure magic.


14. Artisan Salt Collection
These guys also do an Applewood Smoked Salt that is to die for.

15. Personalized, Embossing Rolling Pins
You will never look at pie or cookie dough the same way again. Seriously.

16. Handmade Ceramics Coffee Cone by ANK Ceramics
For the coffee lover (like my dad who still uses a 20-year old battered plastic coffee cone). Time for a style upgrade!

17. A Goat from Oxfam
You can't go wrong with this gift. Obviously your friend doesn't get the goat, but someone in Mozambique will and it could change their life.

18. Handmade Backyard Animals Measuring Spoon Set
Cuteness overload.

19. Microgreen sprouting kit
Give the gift of year-round homegrown micro-greens! It doesn't get much more local than grown right on your windowsill, plus you get to eat nutrient-packed adorable miniature baby greens all winter long.

20. "From the Garden of" Personal Embosser with Stand
So these may seem a bit frivolous (in fact they are probably a good candidate for the Williams Sonoma Hater's Guide), but damn do I ever want one. And I bet every single canner out there does as well. You will likely reap the rewards of this gift in jams and pickles.

21. Lovely boiled-wool hat by Julie Sinden Handmade
Ok fine, this has nothing to do with food, other than the maker of these hats makes the most delicious cakes I've ever tasted. (Also boiling wool is kind of like cooking). So go buy a hat, they are all stunningly beautiful, and handmade with 100% merino wool (and recycled fur).


22. Felted Cat Cave
I'm now completely off-topic. But cats need presents too. And what self-respecting cat wouldn't love to receive their very own felted cave for Christmas?!

Aaaand back to food... 

23. Excalibur Food Dehydrator
For the gardener / homesteader, this is a must. Think homemade fruit leather, dried apples, berries, vegetables… endless options.

24. KoMo Grain Mill
Give the baker in your life the gift of fresh-milled flour. Once you've tasted fresh-milled, there's no going back.

25. Beeswax Candles from Pollen Arts
These guys make the most beautiful beeswax candles ever. Anyone receiving a set of these would be the luckiest duck in the world.

That's it! Now what cool gift ideas have I forgotten?? Please tell me in the comments below!

Happy Holiday Season you all!


  1. LOVE this list! Maybe I'll get someone a goat AND the goat's milk caramel.

  2. Love them all!!!
    There are the wool foot cut outs to keep winter toes warm from the sheep farmer near you - I love mine.... but for foodie things, I think you got them covered! WOW!

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