December 18, 2014

Chocolate Salami!

I realize the name of this recipe may be alarming to some. But have no fear, no salami was used in the making of this salami. Nope, this here salami log is pure chocolate goodness peppered with more goodness, such as candied ginger, pistachios, amaretti cookies, etc.

If you're looking for a great DIY gift, this one is a charmer. Dust it in icing sugar, tie it up with twine like a proper salami roll and give it to your favorite chocolate lover.

You can find my recipe over here at PBS Food.

And if you are in need of another chocolatey DIY gift idea… here is my chocolate truffles recipe. Truffles are incredibly easy to make and a box of homemade ones makes a perfect present, especially for those people on your list who have you scratching your head for gift ideas.

Here's wishing you a very chocolatey holiday season! (unless you don't like chocolate, of course)


  1. Hello dear, :)
    My mom used to make this but she used insted of nuts, turkish deligh cut in 1, 1,5 inch ( you'll find in turkish or arabian store)
    In Romania this is a common treat .... With some lukewarm milk..... Yummy
    Try It ! :) and... Tell me...
    Daniela from Romania

    1. Hi Daniela, what a great idea! I love Turkish Delight! Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Here is a link with chocolate salami with turkish delight
    You could add some raisins like sultanas, and for plus of flavor you could add baked wallnuts