December 20, 2014

Kale and Sun-Dried Tomato Strata

Yes, it's (yet) another kale recipe from kale-landia! And if I may say so, this one makes a scrumptious Christmas morning breakfast. Just saying.

My love of French food has been spilling over into the realm of French cookware lately and I was so excited to put my new Mauviel baking dish to use in this recipe video. The impeccable craftsmanship of their made-in-France cookware makes this copper baby my most prized kitchen possession. 

Along with the pleasure of putting my new baking dish to use, this video was so much fun to put together because The Modern Grass kindly allowed me to use a tune from their exquisite Christmas album. Thank you, most lovely gentlemen!
And then there was the kale. Oh kale, how many times have I sung your praises. Those luscious and tender leaves are actually finally starting to show signs of waning out there, it's now been several weeks since I captured these vibrant blue-greens on camera.

But even now, when they're frozen solid under a dusting of snow, it's amazing how resilient those crumpled leaves are and how just a few minutes' thaw on the kitchen counter will bring them right back to a crunchy and perfectly respectable 'cooking-ready' state.

To tell you the truth, the weather's been rather grey over here, and so have the spirits, just a little. It always seems to go against everything that is expected to have moments of sadness and unease around Christmas time. And yet I think it happens to many of us. I guess Christmas just feels a bit unplanned, unprepared this year. And I'm riding that familiar wave of nostalgia for the Christmases of years gone by, when my mom and my grandmother were still alive. They both had a way of turning Christmas into such a magical time. But there are many things to feel grateful for. In a couple of days, I will get to hold my sweet beautiful nephew in my arms again. I can hardly wait. My stepdad will be back from his European travels, my sweetheart is driving up from Maine, and my sister and brother-in-law will close down their cafe for a few days and a much-needed holiday break. We'll hopefully manage to get a Christmas tree up and going, do a bit of baking, and enjoy some drinks by the fire and a festive visit with our neighbours. And really, what more could one possibly ask for? 

So wherever you are for the holidays this year, I wish you warm moments with your loved ones, and many morsels of delicious things to feast on. A very merry Christmas-solstice-Hanukkah-holiday season to you all!

You can find my Kale and Sun-dried Tomato Strata over here on PBS Food.


  1. Another beautiful. This strata will be perfect for Christmas morning. You inspire. Thanks Aube <3

  2. Oh my! How you can make me so hungry every single time? Thank you for sharing this recipe :) I'll make it as soon as possible.

  3. Beautiful. So is the kitchen sink....I want a kitchen sink like that. Big enough so stock pots don't clatter around and bang into the faucet. A sink made in heaven.

    Love the music.

    Next to find out about the ingredients for this lovely dish. And yes, the copper based baking dish is exquisite too.

    All gorgeous.

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